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Today Life Insurance definition has been changed. It is now can be used for many purposes . Here we can help: 

Life Insurance

Family Financial

College Saving Plan

Own a Dream Home

Long Term Care


Asset Protection

Final Expenses Saving

401K Roll-Over

Team Members 

Walton Tam Luong  

Jenny Pham 
(Office Manager)

Kevin Pham 
(Tax Consultant)

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SINCERE FAMILY INSURANCE (SFI) is built based on love and trust that we want to help thousands of family to understand the importance of insurance and protection. Collectively, the SFI team brings more than 100 years of relevant experience to commit to transform the financial services industry to help people from all walks of life. Together, we aim to positively impact the futures of thousands of people who are in search of expert, trustworthy financial solutions.

Why choose US?

We are local agency that can help you directly and personally 
We are affiliated with many top quality insurance companies that can benefit the most affordable and great prod

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We have an opportunity to work with many top insurances companies so you can be most benefited by selecting the best option that is suitable to each individual and family

Other Services Available



Tax services (E-Tax)

· Personal Tax

· Business Taxes

· Payrolls


Mortgage Loan

· Purchase

· Refinancing



Our goals are to help all people and families to understand about Financial Protection and how to manage your financial successfully.


Why we need Financial Planning?

Building your solid financial planning today will create well protection for families from life disasters and build a great fortune for generations. What do you think if something happen to us, will we have strong financing to help us out of dark? What do you think where you and your family are going to be next 10 years-20 years-30 years? Do you want to be better life or the same like now? ASK Yourself?


Our Solutions:


· To help you and your spouse understand Money Basics

· To assess your current financial situation

· To help you create a plan and work towards your financial goals

· To implement your plan with regular review


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We can help you anywhere in USA

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· Residential - Commercial

· Short Sale

· Foreclosure

· Foreigner Purchase

· Rental—Leasing

· New Construction

· Real Estate Investment


My full services are simple and direct:


Sale Listing Including:


· 4.5% compare to 6%

· Listing on MRIS

· Marketing your home on multiple websites

· Pricing Analysis

· For Sale Signs

· Open House

Buyer Agent


· 1% Cash Back (on total commission 3%)

· No other fees


Please Call Me if you need a real estate services and thank you all for your love and referrals